Gaspard's Den

Foxes live in dens underground, sometimes beneath a garden shed or under the roots of a tree.  Gaspard's den is a cool place to sleep, enjoy a tasty treat and look at all your pictures!  Email your artwork to

Gaspard image 3.jpg

Watch this video to see how James draws Gaspard the Fox, then have a go and send your picture to

Things to Make!

Gaspard's friends have been very busy baking and creating.  You can follow their recipes or make your own animals out of modelling clay or paper. Don't forget the tear in Gaspard's ear!


Gaspard's Gallery

Many children have sent pictures of Gaspard after visiting one of our storytelling and fox-painting events.  Send your pictures to (including your name and age)

Children from the 'Mayhew' class at Icknield Infants and Nursery School, named after James Mayhew, came to watch him draw at a Gaspard the Fox event in Letchworth.  These are their brilliant Gaspard pictures they made when they got back to school.


Peter's Butterflies

Peter the Cat loves butterflies.  Can you design some colourful new ones for his collection?  

Email them to (including your name and age)

Gaspard image 2.jpg